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Empowering Women and

Closing the Gender Gap

Created with the pro bono support of McKinsey & Company, the Women in Governance Parity Certification starts with a thorough diagnostic of an organization’s position on the gender parity spectrum as it pertains to the strategies (culture and commitments) and actions (communications, policy and programs) and the results they yield. Following this assessment, the customized report outlines best practices and the key drivers to enable an organization to build a roadmap to gender parity.

The Parity Certification is

Contributing to Change by:

  • 1

    Influencing organizations to implement programs and practices that foster women’s career advancement to senior leadership positions.

  • 2

    Enabling organizations to attract the best and brightest talent.

  • 3

    Highlighting a more inclusive company culture which correlates with higher employee engagement.

  • 4

    Supporting enhanced innovation and ability to respond to market fluctuations.

  • 5

    Differentiating organizations such that they attract investors, customers and other stakeholders.

  • 6

    Engaging men as stakeholders in gender parity and recognizing their role as co-equal beneficiaries in the advancement of gender parity.

A Roadmap to the

Certification Process

The Parity Certification’s confidential assessment provides organizations that participate in the process with a robust evaluation of where they stand in regard to gender parity.




  • Pre-Qualification
  • Questionnaire

Attain your level of certification, validated by our independent certification partners. A customized report will be provided highlighting your strengths and giving best practices for those drivers that demonstrated opportunities for improvement.




  • Level of Certification
  • Customized Report

Our HR Forums offer attending organizations an exhaustive analysis of the most significant trends within their cohort, insights to global HR trends facilitated by our partners and the opportunity to exchange best practices with their peers.


Gender Parity Community

Gender Parity Community

  • HR Forums
  • Female Leadership Advancement Events

Certified organizations are nationally honoured at our Annual Recognition Gala, where members from the corporate and political spheres gather to recognize the efforts taken by certified organizations.


Recognition & Branding

Recognition & Branding

  • Annual Recognition Gala
  • Leveraging Certification

A facilitated interpretation of the organization’s assessment result and report, allowing organizations to focus on their key drivers to achieve their parity objectives.


Enablement Services

Enablement Services

  • Roadmap to Parity

Due to the tenuous nature of gender parity, in order to ensure continued progress and sustaining results, it is essential to re-certify annually.




  • Sustain Gender Parity

Our 4 Certification Levels


Organizations that participate in the certification will gain insights on what programs and policies they should have in place within their organization to implement best practices in terms of recruitment, training, promotions, compensation and talent management. Depending on where they sit on the parity spectrum, these organizations can qualify for bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification, following an evaluation of about seventy-five quantitative and qualitative criteria. Certified organizations will be recognized for their efforts and can progressively move to higher levels of certification while those that have not qualified will obtain recommendations that support their efforts to qualify for certification in the future.

We strongly encourage organizations that haven’t yet implemented the mechanisms to allow women to progress and don’t feel they could be certified to go through the process nevertheless. This will be the most effective way to receive the expert support required to move the needle and achieve results faster and better.

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